In brief


RAI Amsterdam is an international exhibition and convention organisation. Our specialism is bringing people together to connect and inspire each other. With this in mind we focus on facilitating and organising meaningful encounters.

Our Convention Centre in Amsterdam welcomes some 1.5 million visitors a year to consumer & trade exhibitions, conferences, shows and other events. This includes events organised by third parties in our convention centre as well as events which RAI Amsterdam itself owns and organises. The sectors and high value communities served by our own exhibitions also benefit from similar trade shows that we organise abroad.

Mission and strategy

Our mission: 'Inspiring people'

All RAI Amsterdam’s activities ultimately revolve around our guiding principle of inspiring people. We believe in the power of connection and aim to create the best possible conditions for inspiring encounters. Whether it revolves around physical meetings such as an exhibition for the general public, a large conference, an international trade show, a dance event or a theatre performance, or a meeting in the virtual world, this essence of inspiring people remains central to everything we do.

 RAI Amsterdam creates the conditions for inspiring encounters

Strategy: 'enhancing the value of encounters’

RAI Amsterdam provides added value for its visitors by bringing them together in an inspiring environment. In doing so, we contribute to successful business, memorable events, pleasant evenings or any other goal that connects our guests.

maximum added value

National consumer and other exhibitions are the bedrock on which RAI Amsterdam’s reputation is built and represent the foundation of our success. Although national events are under substantial pressure in a general sense, RAI Amsterdam considers it important to retain our position and outstanding name recognition in the Netherlands, building on them wherever possible

 excellent reputation via national events

Internationally oriented events in high value sectors will be the engine of our future growth and RAI Amsterdam offers organisers and visitors a unique proposition. Thanks to its image of safety, openness & tolerance, the allure of its architecture & atmosphere, and its extraordinary accessibility via Schiphol, Amsterdam is an exhibition and conference destination par excellence. The central location of the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre within the city and our outstanding reputation in the field of hospitality ensure that visitors have a pleasant and productive stay.

future growth through international events

RAI Amsterdam’s aim – bringing people together and inspiring them – has remained the same since the first exhibition, which was held over 120 years ago. The manner in which RAI Amsterdam achieves this in the 21st century is fine-tuned to the requirements of the visitors of today and tomorrow.

meeting the needs of visitors

Convention Centre

The RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre is an innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient complex which accommodates around 500 events and 1.5 million visitors every year.

circa 500 events

Making hospitality a priority

Whether it involves a meeting of five people, 50,000 conference delegates or 250,000 exhibition visitors, RAI employees are proud to contribute their experience and expertise, providing a wide range of services and products which ensure a hospitable welcome. It is thanks to the professionalism of our employees that all the requirements of our clients are met to their complete satisfaction.

 years of experience in meeting the most diverse requirements

Multifunctional building complex

The strength of the convention centre lies in its multifunctional character, which allows the RAI to switch quickly and flexibly between the widest possible range of uses. This is one of the reasons why the weighted average effective occupancy rate of the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre is one of the highest in Europe.

the dynamics of combi- letting: fast and flexible switching between events

The Convention Centre is situated on the edge of Amsterdam’s city centre and has its own train and metro station. A second metro station, connected to the North/South metro line, is expected to open in 2018. Visitors can travel from the Convention Centre to the main hall at Schiphol Airport or the historic centre of Amsterdam in around ten minutes.

easy-to-reach location

Organising and running our own exhibition titles

Around half of the turnover of RAI Amsterdam is related to our own events, developed and organised in-house. RAI Amsterdam organises around 25 consumer and trade events, both Dutch and international. While these events largely take place in Amsterdam, some are held elsewhere in the Netherlands and abroad.

25 national and international consumer and trade events

Strong international position

With a clear focus on first-class, internationally oriented events and on collating knowledge of markets and target groups, RAI Amsterdam has exhibition titles in five sectors in which it is a global market leader. These sectors (and exhibition titles, respectively) are: professional cleaning (ISSA/INTERCLEAN), remanufacturing (ReMaTec), traffic technology (Intertraffic), the maritime sector (METSTRADE and IBEX) and water technology (Aquatech).

The growth in lettings for various international and periodical exhibitions and conferences organised by third parties also contributes to our strong international position.

world leader in five sectors

Physical and virtual meetings

In addition to physical meetings at events, RAI Amsterdam also facilitates virtual encounters. This enhances the reach of exhibitions and congresses and allows the continuation of contacts between target groups and communities beyond an event.

'year round' contact with communities

Importance for city and society

RAI Amsterdam stimulates the economy in the city and region. Hotels, restaurants, museums, transport companies, suppliers and the airport benefit from the large number of exhibitors and visitors who visit the city due to the (many international) exhibitions, conferences and events. Business visitors who stay a few days also represent a boon for the city and the surrounding area. The fact that they spend the day at an exhibition or conference means that our city stays balanced, while their stay contributes to the local economy. The economic value of RAI Amsterdam to the Amsterdam metropolitan region was reassessed in late 2014, showing a further increase over previous years. RAI Amsterdam was found to generate a total turnover in the Amsterdam region of over 600 million euros as well as 7,000 jobs on a full time basis.

RAI Amsterdam stimulates city and region


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of the policy of RAI Amsterdam. Our CSR approach has received international recognition with the most prestigious sustainability certificates. The progress made in the various CSR policy areas is reported in a separate annual Sustainability Report. RAI Amsterdam aims to contribute to Amsterdam’s prosperity. The events obviously bring revenue into the city, however RAI Amsterdam would like to be involved in other ways as well: by attracting local suppliers and offering opportunities to local residents with a disadvantage on the labour market; by limiting the impact of large events on daily life in the city wherever possible; and by having an active dialogue with all our stakeholders. In all these ways, we aim to ensure that RAI Amsterdam continues to provide a valuable contribution to society, year in and year out.

leader in Corporate Social Responsibility


RAI Amsterdam has two shareholders: the RAI Association and the City of Amsterdam.

two shareholders


The RAI Association – the trade association for manufacturers, importers and wholesalers of mobility-related products such as cars, trucks, bicycles and trailers – owns 75% of the shares in RAI Amsterdam. The association, which has around 500 members, has been involved with RAI Amsterdam ever since the bicycle industry started organising an annual trade exhibition in the city in 1893. The name RAI, an abbreviation (in Dutch) for ‘bicycle and automotive industry’, came a few years later when the automotive sector joined.

RAI Association: 75%

The remaining 25% of shares are owned by the City of Amsterdam, an arrangement that dates back to 1956 and has an economic background. The City of Amsterdam decided in 2016 to start the process of selling the municipal interest.

City of Amsterdam: 25%


RAI Amsterdam employs around 400 people (371 FTEs). Approximately half of these have a commercial position, around a third have an operational role and some 10% are in management. Temp workers are also deployed for specific events. There is a fixed pool of around 300 regular flexible workers and RAI Amsterdam employs some 3,000 temps a year.

400 employees and around 3,000 flexible workers

Key figures

Events and visitors: including MECC Maastricht up to 2012.


Numbers x 1,000

  2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
International events 372 330 471 451 392
National events 734 1,048 672 652 764
Stage shows 37 40 62 80 125
Other events 281 327 313 198 152
Total in Amsterdam 1,425 1,745 1,518 1,381 1,433
Elsewhere in the Netherlands 7 0 50
Outside of the Netherlands 96 83 64 67 62
Total outside of Amsterdam 96 90 65 67 111
Total 1,520 1,835 1,582 1,448 1,544



  2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Exhibitors 18,464 15,816 18,649 15,389 16,364
Exhibitors from outside the Netherlands 63% 60% 63% 55% 52%



  2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
External organisers 458 434 521 464 616
RAI Amsterdam 19 24 23 23 23
Total 477 458 544 487 639



  2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
International events 52 41 54 47 48
National events 34 43 43 45 59
Stage shows 35 39 55 85 119
Other events 350 325 383 300 403
Total in Amsterdam 471 448 535 477 629
Elsewhere in the Netherlands 1 1 4
Outside of the Netherlands 6 9 8 10 6
Total outside of Amsterdam 6 10 9 10 10
Total 477 458 544 487 639

Approval ratings

Satisfaction rating with RAI Convention Centre (from 1 to 10)

Approval ratings
  2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Organisers (events for external organisers) 8.2 7.7 7.8 7.6 7.4
Exhibitors (own events) 7.8 7.5 7.6 7.4 7.3
Visitors (own events) 7.8 7.3 7.6 7.2 7.2

Turnover and results

x €1 million

Turnover and results
  2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Exhibitions and events 50.2 56.9 47.5 39.4 52.5
Letting to third parties 19.8 18.1 22.3 23.6 23.2
Trade journal publications - - - - 3.2
Catering 14.5 15.5 15.1 17.8 16.9
Parking 5.0 5.9 4.5 4.3 5.4
Hotel commission 2.6 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.1
Facility services 26.1 24.3 24.8 20.8 22.3
Other 2.0 2.1 2.1 7.2 8.1
Turnover 120.2 126.2 119.7 116.6 134.7
Outsourced work 47.1 58.6 45.4 46.0 57.3
Wages and salaries, incl. social security and pension contributions 29.0 27.8 29.2 29.1 31.5
Amortisation 15.0 13.8 14.3 15.3 15.8
Other operating expenses 19.7 17.0 17.2 19.1 24.1
Operating expenses 110.8 117.2 106.1 109.5 128.7
EBITDA 24.4 22.7 28.0 22.4 21.8
Operating result 9.4 8.9 13.7 7.1 6.0
As % of turnover 7.9% 7.1% 11.4% 6.1% 4.5%
Net result 5.0 4.2 9.3 3.3 2.1

Balance sheet

x €1 million

Balance sheet
  2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Shareholder equity 87.9 86.7 84.7 77.7 76.4
Balance total 205.8 201.8 198.0 189.9 196.2
Solvency 42.7% 43.0% 42.8% 40.9% 38.9%


Employed by group, average

  2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Employees, FTE 371 375 384 390 379
In the Netherlands 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Employee satisfaction (biennial) 8.2 7.9 7.7

Foreword from the Board

Paul Riemens (left) and Maurits van der Sluis
Paul Riemens (left) and Maurits van der Sluis

The year 2016 was a good one for RAI Amsterdam. All predetermined commercial goals were realised, and we saw good results for our quality indicators: organisers gave our convention centre an average score of 8.2 (2015: 7.7); visitors rated our own exhibitions with a 7.8 (2015: 7.3); and exhibitors gave our exhibitions in 2016 a 7.8 (2015: 7.5). Employee satisfaction, which is measured every two years, reached a new highpoint in late 2016 with a score of 8.2 (2014: 7.9). The bottom-line operational results were €9.4 million (2015: €8.9 million).

all commercial goals realised

RAI Amsterdam reached a significant milestone in its history on 7 April 2016 during the RAI-organised trade exhibition Intertraffic Amsterdam when we welcomed our 100 millionth visitor since the opening of the Europa complex in 1961.

100 millionth visitor



In 2016 the RAI hosted a total of 52 international events. It is clear that RAI Amsterdam made a wise choice to focus on the growth of high-quality internationally-oriented events over recent years, allowing us to strengthen our portfolio in terms of both third-party events and RAI-organised events.

focus on international events: a good choice

By focusing on international sectors and target groups, RAI Amsterdam was able to make up for the falling turnover of Dutch national events over the past years. This has helped us realise positive results year after year, even during the financial crisis.

International business visitors making short, multi-day stays also benefit the city and region. Their day-time visits to exhibitions and conferences keep our city in balance while simultaneously making a significant contribution to the local economy.

city in balance

The majority of the international events in the RAI, a total of 45 in 2016, are organised by third parties. This included the periodically returning editions of ISE (Integrated Systems Events; audio-visual market), IBC (International Broadcasting Convention; digital media, television and radio) and PLMAs World of Private Label International Trade Show (manufacturers and retailers of private label products). New events in 2016 included FESPA Digital (large-scale digital printing) and ECCMID (physicians and scientists in clinical microbiology).

international events by third parties

Our own international titles METSTRADE, ISSA/INTERCLEAN, Intertraffic and Greentech took place in Amsterdam as well. RAI Amsterdam also organised the first edition of Aquatech and Intertraffic in Mexico. These premiers enjoyed a great start as spin-offs of proven RAI exhibitions.

own international events in the Netherlands and abroad


The reporting year saw 34 national events. Organised by third parties, they included PAN Amsterdam, Jumping Amsterdam, Masters of LXRY, Provada, Modefabriek, the Nationale Carrièrebeurs and Building Holland.

national events by third parties

RAI Amsterdam organised the Huishoudbeurs/Negenmaandenbeurs, Horecava and HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show.

own national events

Unfortunately, RAI Amsterdam and the RAI Association had to decide to discontinue BedrijfsautoRAI 2017. Despite a successful edition in 2015 a number of exhibitors indicated they would not participate in the 2017 event, meaning there was no solid foundation for a new BedrijfsautoRAI. In cooperation with the RAI Association, RAI Amsterdam then introduced the MobiliteitsRAI, an entirely new business platform for all professionals in the mobility sector. Linking a three-day exhibition to a full conference programme creates a single time and place to focus on the mobility of the future. The MobiliteitsRAI will take place in October 2017 and be organised every two years.

no continuity for BedrijfsautoRAI, introduction of MobiliteitsRAI

From the moment it became clear that the AutoRAI and BedrijfsautoRAI would be removed from the event schedule, RAI Amsterdam started actively searching for alternative events for the cleared periods. Several good events have already been booked for the former AutoRAI period, but it will continue to be a challenge for RAI Amsterdam to emulate the added value of an event such as the AutoRAI, and, more generally, (re)develop national exhibitions.


Broad range

In addition to the international and national exhibitions and conferences giving the RAI a good name, the venue also hosted a broad range of other events. From dance parties to church services, from food truck festivals to annual dinners... RAI Amsterdam continued to be open to all in 2016.

the broadest range of events

RAI Amsterdam is open to all

Real estate developments proceeding according to plan

Multifunctional parking garage

RAI Amsterdam’s new parking garage was taken into use in August 2016. The multifunctional building has nine storeys for parking and can accommodate around 1,000 vehicles. This building is a fine example of how we aim to continue developing the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre in terms of flexibility and adaptability.

example of building flexibility and adaptability

Hotel nhow Amsterdam RAI

The Amsterdam skyline will change permanently in mid-2019 with the completion of the iconic nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel. With 650 rooms and a height of 91 metres, nhow Amsterdam RAI will be the largest hotel in the Benelux region. Construction of the hotel officially began on 26 October 2016.

construction underway

City of Amsterdam’s equity interest

In 2016, the City of Amsterdam, which owns a 25% share in RAI Amsterdam, decided to start selling the municipal interest to a third party. It is doing so under certain strict conditions, including safeguarding the continuity of the RAI. Another condition involves the cooperation between the City of Amsterdam and RAI Amsterdam on issues such as the acquisition of international conferences, accessibility and event organisation. RAI Amsterdam makes an important contribution to the city and region, and it is in the public interest to safeguard this contribution during and after the selling process.

municipality starts selling partial interest under strict conditions

Changes to Supervisory Board

We thank Supervisory Board members Ferry Houterman and Shula Rijxman for their contribution to and involvement in our company. Both members left the organisation in 2016. Mr Houterman had been connected to RAI Amsterdam for 12 years.

departure of Mr Houterman and Mrs Rijxman, welcome to Ms NAAM 


New Executive Board

2016 was a year of transition from an organisational standpoint too. The Executive Board changed hands in spring, when Hans Bakker, CEO since 2002, left the company, and the statutory board was expanded to comprise two persons. We want to thank Hans for all he did for RAI Amsterdam and are privileged that we have the opportunity to continue his work.

acknowledgement for Hans Bakker

As the new Executive Board, we used the second half of the reporting year to broaden our horizons. While upholding the current strategy, we also wish to accelerate and strengthen our innovative prowess. To do so, a new top structure was established in autumn, abandoning the traditional division between organising and facilitating departments (RAI Exhibitions and RAI Convention Centre, respectively).

innovation: accelerate and strengthen

Joining forces

We want to thank our stakeholders: our visitors, exhibitors and organisers, as well as our shareholders, the Supervisory Board, employees and Amsterdam residents for their close involvement in RAI Amsterdam. We look forward to the future and invite everyone to help us shape it.

looking forward to the future

Amsterdam, 16 March 2017

RAI Holding B.V.

Paul Riemens, CEO
Maurits van der Sluis, COO

Composition of Supervisory and Executive Board

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board formatively consists of five members. Two positions are currently unfilled, of which one involves a member to be proposed by the City of Amsterdam.

R.H. (Roelf) de Boer (1949), chair. Also chair of the Selection and Appointment Committee

Dutch national. Additional functions: chair Supervisory Board of Zeeland Seaports, chair Supervisory Board of De Beijer BV, chair Dutch delegation International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC).

appointed 23 April 2015, first term of office until 23 April 2019. Chair since 24 April 2015

J.W.Th. (John) van der Steen (1954), vice-chair and chair of the Audit Committee

Dutch national. Other commissionerships: chair Supervisory Board of BinckBank N.V., chair Supervisory Board of Princess Sportsgear & Traveller BV. Additional functions: Board member Stadhold Insurances S.A., director/owner Ansteen Holding B.V. and Board member foundation Donateurs van het Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest.

appointed 7 April 2011, second term of office until 7 April 2019, vice chair since 2014

Mrs A.M.H. (Annemarie) van Gaal (1962), chair Remuneration Committee, member of the Audit Committee

Dutch national. Moderator and speaker, columnist for De Telegraaf. Other commissionerships: member Supervisory Board of Pathé, member Supervisory Board of Value8. Additional functions: Board member Start Foundation, member committee of recommendation for the foundation Het Vergeten Kind.

appointed 15 September 2015, first term until 15 September 2019

Stepped down in 2016

F.I.M. (Ferry) Houterman (1949)

Dutch national. Member of the Supervisory Board with enhanced right of recommendation from the works council. Independent management consultant. Other commissionerships: member Supervisory Board of Rabobank Amsterdam, member Supervisory Board of Hampshire Hotel Group, member Supervisory Board of Tahal (Kardan Group). Additional social functions: member Supervisory Board of BNN-VARA Omroep (until 1 June 2016), member Supervisory Board of CNV Connectief (education, health care, government), member Supervisory Board of Waarborgfonds Kinderopvang / Ruimte Onderwijs (until 1 May 2016), member Supervisory Board of Jongeren Cultuurfonds, member Supervisory Board of Metropole Orkest, member Supervisory Board of ROC Leiden, Board member Vrienden Stadsarchief Amsterdam, Board member PC Uitvaart (from 1 July 2016).

appointed 1 September 2004, resigned on 31 December 2016

Mrs S.J. (Shulamith) Rijxman (1959)

Dutch nationality Member of the Supervisory Board. Functions and additional functions when Supervisory Board membership at RAI Amsterdam was terminated: Function: Board member of the Nederlandse Publieke Omroep (NPO). Additional functions as NPO Board member: Board member of Coproductiefonds Binnenlandse Omroep (CoBO) and Board member of STER. Additional social functions: chair of Amsterdam Marketing, member of Advisory council of Mijksenaar, member of the Supervisory Board of Dutch National Opera & Ballet.

appointed 12 April 2012, in first term of office until April 2016, declined second term

Executive Board

As of 7 April 2016 the executive board is made up of two people (previously one).

P. (Paul) Riemens, CEO from 7 April 2016

Dutch national. Focal areas: Finance, HR, ICT, Legal, Hospitality and Venue. Function until 1 May 2016: CEO of Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland. Additional functions: member of the Supervisory Board of Twynstra Gudde, chair Supervisory Board of St. Jansdal Ziekenhuis, chair Jumping Amsterdam, chair of the advisory council of DDA, member advisory council foundation Hoogvliegers.

appointed on 7 April 2016, in first term until April 2020

M. (Maurits) van der Sluis, COO from 7 April 2016

Dutch national. Focal areas: Marketing & Digital, Commercial, Clients and Operations. Function until 1 May 2016: Director RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre. Additional functions: chair The Leading Centers of Europe, treasurer foundation Voorfinanciering- en Garantie Fonds, Board member Nederlandse Ski Vereniging, Board member EMECA (European Major Exhibition Centre Association)

appointed on 7 April 2016, in first term until April 2020

Stepped down in 2016

A.J. (Hans) Bakker (1951), CEO until 7 April 2016

Dutch national. Functions and additional functions when Board function at RAI Amsterdam was terminated: Commissionerships: chair of the Supervisory Board of Transavia Airlines B.V., chair of the Supervisory Board of GVB Holding N.V., chair of the Supervisory Board of SnowWorld N.V. Additional social functions: chair of the Supervisory Board of Holland Marketing (NBTC), chair of the Board of foundation Jumping Amsterdam, member of the appeals committee of the foundation Garantiefonds Reisgelden (until 1 January 2016) and the foundation Calamiteitenfonds Reizen (until 1 January 2016), Board member of the foundation Amsterdam Museum Fonds, Supervisory Board member of the foundation Hulphond, member of the advisory council for the Faculty of Economy and Business of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). Other additional functions: counselling advisor of MIRUS B.V., director/owner of VIMARO Management B.V.

appointed in 2002, resigned from function 1 May 2016, function ended on 1 August 2016

The power of connections

… in Amsterdam

Our central location means that RAI Amsterdam can offer its visitors a truly inspiring experience.

Historic city centre
The Dutch capital is famous for its unique canals and the 17th-century canal belt was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2010. The open culture and atmosphere of Amsterdam ensure that all international guests feel welcome.

inviting for international visitors

Compact city, with everything within easy reach
A major benefit for international visitors is that Amsterdam is much more compact than other European cities. With a distance of only four kilometres from the exhibition complex to the heart of the city centre, visitors can easily combine their business trip with a pleasant, urban experience.

just four kilometres from the exhibition complex to the heart of the city

... to Amsterdam

The RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre is highly accessible from both a European and global perspective.

322 direct flights
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is known for its quality and accessibility. Thanks to an impressive 322 direct connections with other cities, the airport is a major transport network hub. With 58 million passengers a year, Schiphol is the fifth largest airport in Europe.

nexus of transport networks

Short distance from airport to RAI Amsterdam
The runway at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is just ten kilometres from the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre. There is a direct and very frequent connection from the railway station in the airport. Once the train departs, it takes no more than ten minutes to reach the Amsterdam RAI station.


just 10 km from airport

From organising to facilitating


• Develops and operates around 15 international trade exhibitions in and outside of Amsterdam
• World market leader in Amsterdam with five RAI-organised exhibitions/brands
Spin-offs of the ‘mother brands’ in Mexico, China, Turkey and the United States
• International network of offices and agents

In the Netherlands
Develops and operates around seven national trade and consumer exhibitions in Amsterdam
Portfolio includes some of the largest paid public events in the Netherlands

Strategic programme focused on revitalising physical encounters
Development of online communities and virtual contact strategies
Marketing Services manages and operates a visitor database with around two million unique entries
Partnership & Media Solutions optimises exposure during and around events


Organiser Services
Offers knowledge and networks related to the Netherlands, Amsterdam and the RAI
Solutions in the field of IT, hotel accommodations, catering, logistics, audio-visual and media
Exhibition management; advice and support
Visitor/exhibitor registration systems
Oversees various event-related licensing issues

Exhibitor Services
Webshop with products and services for exhibitors. Integration of event organiser in website
Service desk for last-minute orders
Extensive range: stand construction, meeting rooms, lounges, ICT and more
Exhibitor catering, flexible availability

Visitor Services
•  Hotel Service arranges over 100,000 hotel bookings a year
Guaranteed availability of rooms for large events
Special conditions for flights via partner KLM
•  Parking, cloakrooms and other visitor services
Various types of visitor catering: wide range of bars, lounges, 9 restaurants and 28 concession stands; from buffet to à la carte and take away venues
Transfers, excursions, car and bicycle rental, boat tours and more

RAI Amsterdam has the following certificates:
• 5-hamers
• AIPC Gold
• EarthCheck Gold
• Green Key Gold
• Top Employer 
• ISO-9001 ( quality management )
• ISO-14001 ( environmental management )
• ISO-20121 (Event sustainability)
• OHSAS-18001 ( occupational health and safety )
• BREEAM-Excellent (for Amtrium building)