Executive Board report

Results in reporting year

RAI Amsterdam had an operating profit of €9.4 million on a turnover of €120.2 million. After deducting interest costs and corporation tax, the net result in the financial year was €5.0 million.

Due to the biennial cycle of events in RAI Amsterdam, comparing the results of 2016 with those of 2014 provide a more realistic picture of developments in the even years. In this section RAI Amsterdam presents all results of the past five years to provide insight into the total development of turnover, expenses and results.

2016 compared with 2014


The turnover of RAI Amsterdam in the reporting year was almost the same as 2014. The turnover of RAI-organised exhibitions and events increased by €2.7 million from 2014, while the letting to third parties fell by €2.5 million.

turnover virtually the same as 2014

Key financial data

amounts x €1 million

Key financial data
  2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
turnover 120.2 126.2 119.7 116.6 134.7
EBITDA 24.4 22.7 27.9 22.4 22.8
operating results 9.4 8.9 13.7 7.1 6.0
net results 5.0 4.2 9.3 3.3 2.1
shareholder equity 87.9 86.7 84.7 77.7 76.4
balance sheet total 205.8 201.8 198.0 189.9 196.2
provisions 2.0 2.1 3.4 0.7 6.5
investments in tangible fixed assets 18.3 16.8 22.3 5.6 11.1


  2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
operating result in percentage of turnover 7.9% 7.1% 11.4% 6.1% 4.5%
senior Net Debt / EBITDA 2.55 2.76 2.22 2.75 2.79
solvency 42.7% 43.0% 42.8% 40.9% 38.9%


Amounts x €1 million

  2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Exhibitions and events 50.2 56.9 47.5 39.4 52.5
Letting to third parties 19.8 18.1 22.3 23.6 23.2
Trade journal publications - - - - 3.2
Catering 14.5 15.5 15.1 17.8 16.9
Parking 5.0 5.9 4.5 4.3 5.4
Hotel commission 2.6 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.1
Facility services 26.1 24.3 24.8 20.8 22.3
Other 2.0 2.1 2.1 7.2 8.1
Turnover 120.2 126.2 119.7 116.6 134.7
Outsourced work 47.1 58.6 45.4 46.0 57.3
Wages and salaries, incl. social security and pension contributions 29.0 27.8 29.2 29.1 31.5
Amortisation 15.0 13.8 14.3 15.3 15.8
Other operating expenses 19.7 17.0 17.2 19.1 24.1
Operating expenses 110.8 117.2 106.1 109.5 128.7
EBITDA 24.4 22.7 28.0 22.4 21.8
Operating result 9.4 8.9 13.7 7.1 6.0
As % of turnover 7.9% 7.1% 11.4% 6.1% 4.5%
Net result 5.0 4.2 9.3 3.3 2.1

* includes, among other things, parking proceeds, hotel commissions and facility services


The total operating costs in 2016 were €110.8 million, an increase of €4.7 million compared to the previous year. While the costs for wages and salaries, social security and pensions fell, the overall increase is related to the specific composition of the event portfolio in 2016.

€4.7 million increase in operational costs compared to 2014, total wage costs reduced

Over the past year RAI Amsterdam invested €18.3 million in buildings, installations, grounds, inventory and work in progress. The investments amounted to €16.8 million in 2015 and €22.3 million in 2014. The investments in the reporting year mainly concerned the completion of the multifunctional parking garage. In 2014 the main investment was in the Atrium building.

investment of €18.3 million

The cash flow from operational activities amounted to €26.2 million (2015: €19.7 million, 2014: €27.2 million).

cash flow from operational activities: €26.2 million

The interest costs were slightly lower, reduced from €3.3 million in 2015 to €2.6 million in the reporting year. As in previous years, the agreed ratios with the bank were easily realised.

slight fall in interest costs


The operating results were 9.4 million (2015: 8.9 million, 2014: 13.7 million). Taking into account the biennial event cycle, RAI Amsterdam achieved a good operating result.

good operating result from a historical perspective

After deduction of the interest costs and taxes, the net profit was €5.0 million compared to €4.2 million in 2015 and €9.3 million in 2014 (without incidental fiscal benefit in 2014 of €7.8 million).

net profit €5.0 million

International event days

The RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre had 292 days of international events in 2016 (207 in 2015, 298 in 2014).

International event days

Total number of days for international exhibitions and events

International event days
  2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Event days for international exhibitions and conferences 292 207 298 271 265


RAI Amsterdam completed a total of 477 events in 2016, attracting a combined total of over 1.5 million visitors. This part of the report presents a cross section of these events and provides more information on some.

Three categories of event can be distinguished based on the role played in them by RAI Amsterdam:

  • 458 events were organised by our clients in the Convention Centre in Amsterdam with RAI Amsterdam playing a facilitating role. These events together accounted for nearly a million visitors;
  • Thirteen events were organised by the RAI itself in the Convention Centre in Amsterdam with RAI Amsterdam having an organising and facilitating role. Some 450,000 visitors were welcomed to these events;
  • The remaining six events were organised by the RAI abroad; RAI Amsterdam only had an organising role here. Around 100,000 visitors attended these events.

This section will look at the three categories one by one. The overview of the events organised by third parties involves a random selection, illustrating the breadth of the range.  

facilitating and/or organising


Events organised by third parties

RAI Amsterdam facilitates the organisation of a growing number of Dutch and international exhibitions, conferences, corporate events and other events organised by third parties. The multifunctional convention centre is also rented out as the RAI Theatre for productions. In total, the RAI has hosted 458 events organised by third parties.

International exhibitions

ISE (Integrated Systems Europe)

ISE is a trade exhibition for the professional AV and electronic systems integration industry, organised every year in RAI Amsterdam. The rapidly increasing size and reputation of this exhibition led the organisers to expand it from three to four days in 2016. ISE hosted more than 1,000 exhibitors showcasing their products and services focused on the integration of AV systems with IT. The exhibition received more than 65,000 visitors, a rise of more than ten per cent compared to last year. Media from forty different countries reported on the latest developments.

trade exhibition for the professional AV and electronic systems integration industry

IBC (International Broadcasting Convention)

A record number of more than 55,000 professionals from 160 countries came to Amsterdam in early September for the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2016. More than 1,800 companies showcased their latest broadcast and media technology products. No fewer than  249 companies participated for the first time in 2016. An important addition to the 'feature areas' during this edition was the IBC IP Interoperability Zone, an initiative that aims to develop an open standard for connectivity.

trade exhibition for broadcast and media technology

Fespa Digital

FESPA Digital, an exhibition for large-format digital printing, celebrated its tenth birthday in 2016 by returning to Amsterdam, the city where it originally began. Hosting this exhibition involved some very dynamic planning on the part of RAI Amsterdam due to the fact that the next exhibition, HISWA boat show, followed so soon after. The transition required a great deal of planning and production skills from the RAI organisers and was documented in a film titled The Challenge.

trade exhibition for large-format digital printing

PLMA (Private Label Manufacturers Association)

PLMA’s annual international World of Private Label exhibition has for thirty years brought retailers and producers together and provided them with support in finding new products, creating new contacts and discovering new ideas to stimulate the success and expansion of their private label programmes. The market share of private labels is currently larger than ever before. The future promises even more growth given that retailers are expanding worldwide and playing an increasingly large part in marketing themselves and the products they sell. PLMA’s World of Private Label 2016 hosts more than 4,200 stands, including 56 national and regional pavilions. The event, which is continuously growing, had more than 12,000 visitors in 2016.

trade exhibition for Private Label products

World Bulk Wine Exhibition

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition (WBWE) arose from the need to create a meeting place for wholesale buyers and sellers of wine. The event took place for the eighth time in 2016, with 220 exhibitors and registered 6,000 professional wine purchasers from 64 countries.

for wholesale buyers and sellers of wine

MRO Europe Aviation Week

MRO Europe Aviation Week took place in October. Europe's largest exhibition for aircraft maintenance and repair attracted exhibitors from more than eighty countries.

exhibition for the maintenance and repair of aircraft

Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo

The Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo took place in June. The exhibition covers electric and hybrid technologies, components and solutions for water craft propulsion. It brings together exhibitors and visitors from around the world, and its audience consists of groups such as boat builders, owners & designers and engine manufacturers.

trade exhibition for the electric and hybrid propulsion of water craft

Helitech International

Helitech International 2016 landed in RAI Amsterdam in October, the only event in Europe to focus entirely on the civil and semi-public helicopter sector. For 25 years Helitech International was organised in the United Kingdom, but a globalising market encouraged it to take a more international approach. The event showcased the latest helicopters, flown in from all over the world. This meant that the location had to have the appropriate facilities as well as the cooperation of the authorities. A helipad was set up next to the hall where the event was organised.

civil and semi-public helicopter sector


The angling exhibition EFFTEX is organised every year by the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association (EFTTA). The 35th edition took place in June 2016 and provided a platform for 215 exhibitors from 35 different countries to present their latest products to wholesalers, shop owners and the press.

trade exhibition for angling

Crop World

The 2016 edition of the annual Crop World Global Congress & Exhibition focused on improving the productivity and sustainability of crop growing through innovation and technology. The two days of the show attracted visitors from more than a hundred different countries.

productivity and sustainability of crop growing

Dutch-Bangla Expo

The Dutch-Bangla Expo is the largest trade exhibition organised by the Dutch-Bangla Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DBCCI). It provides a stage for a select group of some seventy Bangladeshi companies that represent the country’s most important industries, from textiles to pharmaceuticals and from leather to shipbuilding. It serves as an extraordinary opportunity to meet these firms and discover new business opportunities.

Bangladeshi companies and sectors

National exhibitions

RAI Amsterdam organised 23 national exhibitions in 2016, attracting around 376,000 visitors.

VT Wonen&Design Beurs

The vt wonen&design beurs took place in the autumn. It was frequented by visitors who are decorating, building, renovating and/or purchasing a house and have set aside a substantial budget. Organised by Sanoma (vtwonen, Eigen Huis & Interieur and Ariadne at Home), the vt wonen&design beurs is the largest and most complete consumer exhibition of its kind. In 2016, it received 88,000 visitors from every corner of the country.

largest and most complete consumer exhibition for interior decoration and design

Amsterdam Food Festival

Amsterdam Food Festival organised large indoor food events in venues including RAI Amsterdam. The November 2015 edition, which required seventy food trucks and attracted 45,000 visitors, was a huge success, while the Easter 2016 edition was very disappointing. The organisers had expected at least as many visitors to the latter event as they hosted at the former, even extending the festival by a day. However, various reasons, including good weather, meant that only 30,000 people showed up and Amsterdam Food Festival declared bankruptcy.

large food event

PAN Amsterdam

The thirtieth edition of PAN Amsterdam took place in November. This annual exhibition for art, antiques and design offered seasoned collectors as well as beginners in the art market a varied choice of many thousands of objets d’art. More than 40,000 art lovers, both professional and private buyers, visited the exhibition. The quality of the items on offer was certified before the event by twenty specialised committees consisting of eighty experts, who assessed each article for authenticity, quality and condition.

exhibition for art, antiques and design


Modefabriek is the semi-annual professional platform in the Netherlands where hundreds of brands and labels present their latest collections to the retail sector, press, stylists and other fashion professionals. Modefabriek is only open to registered exhibition visitors with a chamber of commerce number and accredited members of the press. Visitors include retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, brands, labels and agencies. The winter edition took place in January 2016. The summer editions of Kleine Fabriek, the children’s clothing version of the event, and Modefabriek itself were organised on the same dates in July.

platform for fashion brands and labels

Masters of LXRY

The largest edition in the history of the premium lifestyle exhibition Masters of LXRY was organised in December. More than 400 different brands and companies showcased the best art, interior design, design, gastronomy, jewellery, watches, travels, boats and cars to some 50,000 visitors. The fifteenth anniversary of the exhibition was celebrated by having the Ballroom Elicium C serve as the entrance hall, augmented by a grand exhibition space and walk of fame.

lifestyle exhibition


PROVADA is an annual meeting place for the real estate sector which allows developers, investors, consultants, retailers, financiers, housing associations, end users and local authorities to meet each other in a professional environment over three days. PROVADA has grown into one of the largest European real estate exhibitions and an unmissable rendezvous in the Netherlands. This year it welcomed 22,166 visitors (nine per cent more than the previous edition) and 247 exhibitors.

meeting place for the real estate sector

Comic Con Europe

The first Comic Con in Amsterdam, held in August, was a resounding success. Emulating San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con, RAI Amsterdam was transformed into a true party location for fans. There were 30,000 visitors to this first edition, which was entirely sold out, resulting in busy workshops and full meeting rooms near the stage.

inspired by the San Diego and New York Comic Con

Nationale Carrièrebeurs

The Nationale Carrièrebeurs is the largest career event in the Netherlands. It provides a stage for employees to promote themselves, and each day of the exhibition features a large number of substantive, sector-related and career-oriented workshops. The event offers companies an exceptional opportunity to present themselves as employers (employer branding) and come into contact with potential candidates (recruitment). The nineteenth edition of the event in April 2016 welcomed more than 11,000 visitors to the exhibition floor.

the largest career event in the Netherlands

Offshore Energy

Offshore Energy, the most important event for the offshore industry in the Netherlands, again grew in 2016, moving to halls 1, 2, 4 and 5. It  attracted an audience of more than 11,500 offshore energy professionals. During the three-day event, 667 companies showcased their products and services. The conference addressed current and future issues in the offshore industry, including developments in oil & gas, offshore wind and marine energy.

rendezvous for the Netherlands offshore industry


The 32nd edition of KunstRAI in June, where over seventy galleries presented their work, attracted more than 12,000 visitors. The organisers had originally expected more visitors, but the summer weather kept a lot of people outdoors instead. Nonetheless, brisk business was conducted at the contemporary art exhibition for the first time in years.

exhibition for contemporary art

Building Holland

Building Holland is the integral event of choice for the construction industry in the Netherlands. It brings together all the links in the sector for knowledge-sharing, concept development and cooperation: architects, contractors, installers, housing corporations, real estate developers, advisors and suppliers. Knowledge platform Duurzaam Gebouwd took over the full task of organising Building Holland in 2015, while RAI Amsterdam acts as a facilitating partner. In 2016 the exhibition grew to involve over 150 partners.

for the construction industry

Wine Professional

The fourteenth edition of Wine Professional took place in January 2016, at the same time as Horecava. Its opening during the so-called ‘Diamond Awards’ was attended by over 2,500 specially invited guests, who were present for the awarding of a total of almost forty diamonds and a royal distinction, and where dozens of chefs presented thousands of hors d’oeuvres. The three days of the exhibition are visited by some 10,000 wine professionals and decision makers from the food and beverage sector every year.

exhibition for wine purchasers

Tattoo, Art and Street Art Convention

The twelfth edition of the Tattoo, Art and Street Art Convention was organised in May 2016. It brought together many famous tattoo artists from the Netherlands and abroad, including traditional artists from New Zealand and Tahiti. In addition to tattoos, visitors were treated to displays of graffiti and street art.

renowned tattoo artists from the Netherlands and abroad

International conferences

ECCO Congress

The 11th Congress of the European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation (ECCO) took place in March 2016. More than 5,000 delegates participated in this medical conference.

Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation


The 25th edition of the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) was organised in April 2016. Over 11,000 delegates from 123 countries shared the latest state of the art in their field.

Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

European Breast Cancer Conference

The tenth European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC) took place in March 2016. This three-day multidisciplinary conference focusing on breast cancer treatment brought together 7,000 oncology surgeons, medical oncologists, pathologists, radiotherapists, plastic surgeons, nursing staff and specialist nurses to RAI Amsterdam.

European Breast Cancer Conference

International Child Neurology

The fourteenth International Child Neurology Congress was organised in May. It brought together numerous professionals in paediatric neurology.

paediatric neurology

Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam

The Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam took place in April. Salesforce is a cloud platform for CRM and business processes in the field of sales, service and marketing.

cloudplatform voor CRM en business-processen

Silver jubilee conference for D66

The Dutch political party D66 celebrated fifty years of existence in 2016. The special combined election and jubilee conference was held in the place where it all began with the first members’ congress half a century ago: RAI Amsterdam.

congress for members of political party

GRI Global Conference on Sustainability

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is an international organisation which formulates guidelines for reporting on sustainability. Companies use sustainability reports to publicly communicate their economic, environmental and social performance. GRI’s fifth global conference was organised in May.

organisation for guidelines on sustainability reporting


The European Association of Endoscopic Surgery organised a conference in June with the theme 'A new way of seeing'. This focused on sharing the latest insights in the field of endoscopic surgery: 3D, 4K, image-guided procedures, robotics to nanotechnology and other techniques. Prominent experts from all over the world were present.

endoscopic surgery


While a majority of the population in many countries is positive when it comes to the legalisation of euthanasia and/or assisted suicide, getting the issue on the agenda or realising legislation to this effect has proven difficult. There is an important role for professionals to play in this, which was the focus of the Euthanasia 2016 conference. The aim is to give the professionals knowledge and inspiration and let them share experiences.

euthanasia conference


Innovation is one of the top three reasons why people visit an exhibition. RAI Amsterdam responded to this fact in 2015 by developing the InnovationLAB, a place where ideas, innovations and news take shape on the exhibition floor and online. RAI Amsterdam’s InnovationLAB is the fruit of cooperation with our external partners TNO, 3TU Federatie and Accenture Innovation Awards. It ensures that innovations have a clear and prominent place among RAI Amsterdam’s exhibition titles. A rich and interesting platform like the InnovationLAB enables RAI Amsterdam to stimulate exhibitors to showcase their innovations at exhibitions. Moreover, InnovationLAB offers knowledge centres, research institutes and innovation partners a platform to bring their innovations to the market, enriching RAI Amsterdam’s exhibitions. The InnovationLAB is a platform where visitors can see and experience innovations in their market online and in person. Furthermore, the platform can be used by the exhibition medium to distinguish and profile itself in this crucial perspective. InnovationLAB is a generic concept that can be customised to any exhibition. Watch an impression of how the InnovationLAB works on YouTube (https://youtu.be/-eCmSBCv0Wg).

National conferences

Five national conferences were organised in 2016, attracting some 4,600 visitors in total.


The Auditorium, the large hall of the RAI Conference Centre, can in a very short time be transformed into the RAI Theatre, an atmospheric venue with 1,750 seats equipped with the latest audio-visual technology. In 2016 a total of 35 shows were programmed in the theatre hall, attracting 37,000 visitors. The ten performances of the musical Grease in 2016 brought in the largest audience. The final presentation of Lucia Marthas (Institute for Performing Arts) also drew large crowds. Other shows included Elvis Christmas with the King and Roué Verveer (Tjar a Lobi).

an atmospheric theatre hall with 1,750 seats and the latest audio-visual technology


Jumping Amsterdam

Jumping Amsterdam in January was a treat for equestrian sport fans who were able to enjoy world-class dressage in the FEI World Cup™ Dressage and spectacular show jumping, the Six Bar and Amsterdam Grand Prix. Other highlights included the fantastic shows and after parties in true Amsterdam fashion. Thursday is normally reserved for traditional show jumping and the national dressage categories. The 2016 event again received a great deal of media attention and interest from equestrian enthusiasts from the Netherlands and abroad.

equestrian enthusiasts, dressage

Amsterdam Dance Event 

A highlight of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2016, held in October, was the performance by DJ Martin Garrix in the RAI. The 20-year-old Martijn Garritsen, better known as Martin Garrix, was named the world’s best DJ just before ADE. The talented young DJ has millions of fans all over the world. A nice additional touch was that, in addition to his regular performance for adult dance lovers, Garrix gave a concert specially for kids eighteen years or younger (accompanied by parents and/or legal guardians). This concert for the younger fans was entirely alcohol-free.

DJ Martin Garrix performs for young and old

Own events in Amsterdam

International exhibitions


ISSA/Interclean is the largest and most complete exhibition for the cleaning industry worldwide. It gives a comprehensive overview of global developments and the latest technologies, solutions & products for cleaning and hygiene. The exhibition programme emphasises themes such as innovation, education, networking and knowledge-sharing. It attracts managers, technical experts and specialists from all over the world by offering valuable insights and discussing current topics within the sector. The seminar programme included, among other things, a series of updates about sector trends organised in the InnovationLAB, a special RAI Amsterdam concept. The show attracted over 30,000 visitors and gave a platform to more than 800 exhibitors.

exhibition for the cleaning industry

Intertraffic Amsterdam

Intertraffic Amsterdam, the most prominent trade event for infrastructure, traffic management, smart mobility, safety and parking, took place in April 2016. Both exhibitors and visitors rated the 23rd edition as one of the best ever. A broad range of companies, interesting presentations by leading organisations, spectacular innovations and a record number of visitors combined to create an event that excelled in both size and reach. The exhibition attracted over 30,000 visitors and almost 800 exhibitors.

trade event for infrastructure, traffic management, smart mobility, safety and parking


METSTRADE is the world’s largest trade exhibition for maritime equipment, materials and systems. Its flagship METSTRADE Show is the most prominent platform in the world for professionals in the marine equipment and accessories sectors. It includes conferences, events and three pavilions dedicated to specific segments: the SuperYacht Pavilion (SYP), the Marina & Yard Pavilion (MYP) and the Construction Material Pavilion (CMP). In 2016, METSTRADE also launched an online community in addition to the annual three-day METSTRADE Show itself. This platform aims to connect companies and interested parties with each other, allowing them to share useful information about the latest developments in the industry in a way that parallels the show in Amsterdam. The METSTRADE Show 2016  brought together over 23,500 visitors with around 1,200 exhibitors.

trade exhibition for equipment, materials and systems for boating


GreenTech Amsterdam is the heart of the international horticultural technology, with its unique focus on the start of the horticulture chain, the production issues affecting growers and technological solutions. The 2016 edition was held in June, and included the launch of 'Crops Theatre', a theatre session with a capacity of eighty people and a comprehensive focus on plant optimisation. Greentech Amsterdam welcomed around 10,000 visitors.

international horticultural technology

National exhibitions


The 71st edition of Holland’s largest consumer exhibition featured a record number of activities. No fewer than thirty workshops, presentations and shows, together with more than 350 companies present, made for a great day of shopping and activities. Around 250,000 visitors came to the exhibition, an annual day out that guarantees quality shopping, product sampling and trying out lots of new things at the stands of more than 370 exhibitors. Visitors made the most of many bargains and bonuses, took part in creative workshops, and enjoyed fashion shows, top performances and impressive acts at Festival Fantastique. The latest edition included five large ‘side events’, including the Negenmaandenbeurs (expectant parents), the Model Convention and – for the second year running – the Azië Pasar Malam Festival. The ‘Bring your blog/vlog to life’ feature gave visitors the opportunity to meet famous bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammers in the flesh. These influencers each chose how to present themselves offline in their own way.

largest consumer exhibition in the Netherlands


The Negenmaandenbeurs is the largest event on pregnancy and baby care. Young and future parents enjoy products offered by some 200 exhibitors, master classes, workshops and fashion shows. The exhibition offers lots of information and inspiration in the field of care, food, health, decoration of children’s rooms, (educational) toys, safety, transport and much else besides. The 31st edition took place in February and focused entirely on innovation and new products. It also included the Baby Innovation Awards, as well as the new Green Award given to the most eco-friendly product.

the largest event on pregnancy and baby care


Horecava has been the inspiring and innovative platform of choice for professionals in the food service industry for sixty years. It provides professional visitors with a broad and comprehensive overview of industry products, services and trends. Horecava 2016 was organised in January and included the first Young Professional Experience Day (YPED) conference, an event held in part on the initiative of FNV Horeca to encourage young people to join the food and beverage industry. The Horecava Innovation Award jury also had 124 entries to assess this year. Innovation and sustainability took centre stage at Horecava 2016, which was a resounding success with some 600 exhibitors, around 63,000 visitors and 1.5 million meetings.

for professionals in the food service industry

HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show

Both active and recreational watersports fans find everything they need at the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show to prepare for the new watersport season. An extensive range of boats, from modern to classic, thousands of parts & accessories for small boats, larger motoryachts & cabin sailboats, and a wide variety of board sports were showcased in March by 300 exhibitors in the RAI. A first for HISWA in 2016 was the use of the RAI Harbour. The event had a strong watersports ambiance and included fun activities, interesting lectures, impressive clinics and expert information. The InnovationLAB of the exhibition was the nerve centre where the latest market developments, trends and innovations came together. The exhibition also saw a total of almost 800,000 meetings between visitors – over 40,000 of them – and exhibitors.

for active and recreational watersport fans


Amsterdam Security Conference

RAI Amsterdam responded to developments in the security market with the launch of Amsterdam Security. The new event, which is developing a strong international focus, targets companies, organisations and governments in their search for security solutions. These end users, which include airports, supermarket chains, transport companies and public safety bodies, struggle to find answers to their specific security issues at traditional trade exhibitions. To respond to all security-related questions, this platform comprises three different events: the Amsterdam Security Conference, the Amsterdam Security Expo and the completely new and internationally oriented Amsterdam Security Convention.

developments in the security market

ICOMIA World Marinas Conference

The ICOMIA World Marinas Conference is intended for all those active in the marina industry: large and small marinas in the Netherlands and abroad. The conference started on the last day of the METSTRADE Show 2016, where around sixty companies from the global marina sector were present at the Marina & Yard Pavilion (MYP). The conference programme included more than forty speakers and featured the latest developments and trends in the marina sector, emerging markets and new possibilities for public-private partnerships. Featured topics included marina development and renovation, evolving environmental demands, concessions/financing, marketing and personnel policy.

marina sector

Own events abroad

RAI Amsterdam organised six events abroad in 2016. These were all international exhibitions, and together attracted around 96,000 visitors.

Aquatech China

Aquatech Global Events consists of a series of trade exhibitions which bring together the global waste & drinking water industry and industrial water users in the host country and abroad. The exhibition programme offers a comprehensive overview of the most recent developments in the field of water and wastewater treatment, transport & storage, process control & automation and Point of Use. Aquatech targets professionals in all the fields of the water industry and attracts policy makers, specialists and other authorities who apply the relevant technology in practice. The exhibition in China was visited by over 68,000 people and hosted more than 1000 exhibitors.

for the waste and drinking water industry

FlowTech China

FlowTech China 2016 brought together thousands of specialists from the pump and valve sector in water technology in the new National Exhibition Centre in Shanghai. With more than 700 international exhibitors and 20,000 products, FlowTech China 2016 had more breadth and a more international character than the previous edition. The number of visitors was well in excess of expectations, amounting to 38,276 people from over eighty countries.

pump and valve sector in water technology

Aquatech Mexico

Aquatech Mexico is a new exhibition hosted in the WTC in Mexico City, organised for the first time in October 2016. Some 130 exhibitors showcased products and services to 5,333 visitors. The show was held in parallel with Green Expo, the largest and most prominent exhibition in Mexico for ecological and sustainable solutions for the public and private sectors, which focuses on renewable energies & the environment and is organised by our partner E. J. Krause. Green Expo will have its 24th edition next year and is expected to welcome more than 10,000 visitors, who will be encouraged to also visit Aquatech Mexico.

ecological and sustainable solutions for public and private sectors

Intertraffic Mexico

Intertraffic Mexico is the platform for professionals in the traffic industry looking  to benefit from business opportunities in Mexico. Some 140 exhibitors showcased their products and services there in 2016. The first edition, organised in partnership with E. J. Krause, was a huge success, welcoming over 4,100 visitors from 45 countries, nineteen of which in Latin America – far above expectations. Mexican and international companies offered solutions for the huge traffic problems affecting Mexico. A strong substantive programme made the exhibition a major success.

for professionals in the traffic industry

Partnership with E. J. Krause & Associates in Mexico

The RAI has entered a partnership with E.J. Krause & Associates, Inc. (EJK)  for its activities in Mexico. EJK was established in Mexico in 1984 and is one of the largest exhibition management companies in the world. Since its founding, EJK had never been involved in the launch of a new exhibition larger than 2000 square metres – that is, until the successful start of Intertraffic and Aquatech in 2016. In EJK, the RAI has found an equal partner with the same style of thinking and operating principles. At the end of 2016, EJK stated that its relationship with the RAI is unique among all its worldwide partnerships.

Big R/ReMaTecUSA

ReMaTec is an international trade exhibition for the remanufacturing sector where specialists from the automotive and heavy duty industries come together to network and do business. The exhibition has a strong focus on innovation, education & knowledge development and, since 2014, has included a parallel edition in Las Vegas called the Big R/ReMaTecUSA, organised with trade organisation APRA. ReMaTec aims to be an independent platform with high-quality exhibitors and visitors. The 2016 exhibition welcomed over 2,100 visitors. ReMaTec plans to expand into other sectors such as maritime, agriculture and air travel, which is why RAI Amsterdam sold it back to APRA in 2016.

International trade exhibition for the remanufacturing sector

WaterEx Beijing

WaterEx Beijing was organised in the China National Convention Centre (CNCC) in Beijing in October. This three-day international exhibition on water technology has a special focus on the challenges in the sector, especially wastewater, drinking water and industrial water in and around Beijing. Over 15,500 visitors came to the show to view products and services presented by some 270 exhibitors.

international exhibition on water technology


ISSA – the global trade association of the cleaning sector – and local partner UBM decided to postpone the exhibition ISSA/INTERCLEAN Istanbul, which had originally been planned for 7-9 September 2016, to 18-20 October 2017. After consultations, the organisers decided to move the event due to concerns among exhibitors and visitors about travelling to and from Turkey. ISSA/INTERCLEAN Istanbul is a partnership between RAI Amsterdam, ISSA and UBM EMEA.


exhibition for the cleaning sector moved to 2017


RAI Amsterdam offers dedicated services to organisers, exhibitors and visitors.

Organiser Services

RAI Amsterdam provides know how and dedicated services which ensure that organisers’ events go as smoothly as possible. Our specialists provide advice and support to organisers on setting up the exhibition floor or preparing for their event. Expertise and networking are deployed to ensure they make the most of the opportunities provided by the Netherlands, the city of Amsterdam and RAI Amsterdam and facilitate a successful event. Solutions are also offered in the field of ICT, registration, logistics, audio-visual and media. We work with clients to help them achieve the best possible ROI.

know-how and services to make an event run smoothly

Thanks to a unique partnership with the City of Amsterdam, RAI Amsterdam has made major steps forward in the efficiency of our licensing procedures. RAI Amsterdam was the first private company in the Netherlands to be allowed to regulate and enforce various event-related licenses. This cooperation, now in its eighth year, has simplified and accelerated the license procedures.

RAI Amsterdam provides event-related licences directly

Exhibitor Services

RAI Amsterdam Exhibitor Services supports exhibitors in their preparations to make their participation a success. They can order products and services for their stands via a special Webshop, including ready-to-exhibit stands, hostess services, furniture, catering, flowers & plants, telecommunication & ICT facilities, parking tickets, and stand cleaning. There are now contracts in place with preferred suppliers.

Visitor Services

RAI Amsterdam Visitor Services offers services to visitors designed to optimise their experience. This includes arranging hotels and transport, ensuring a warm welcome at the RAI Convention Centre (courtesy lounge, help desk, work and meeting places, etc.), catering and parking.


Catering is an important pillar of all RAI Amsterdam events and we work both independently and in partnership with specialist third parties. RAI Amsterdam remains responsible for quality control in all cases.

catering: self-catered or in partnership with specialist third parties

RAI Amsterdam has five restaurants of its own: Grand Café, First Floor Restaurant, Holland Restaurant, Café Amsterdam and the Amtrium restaurant. These restaurants are opened when required for an event or conference. Moreover, there are two restaurants in the Convention Centre which are operated by third parties: THE ROAST ROOM and Strandzuid. In addition to the restaurants there are various catering points in each complex which, during exhibitions and conferences, are operated by cafés and eateries such as La Place, Sunday’s, Sushi Time and various other concepts.

five restaurants

 Basement Chefs is the name of the RAI’s culinary team. The name was invented to motivate colleagues to become more involved in the things happening in and around the kitchen. The Basement Chefs operate at the nexus of underground corridors and cellars where RAI Amsterdam’s kitchens are located. From gala dinner to catering for a conference or exhibition, the RAI’s chefs have the facilities, logistical capacity and flexibility to turn any event into a gastronomic success. During large events there can be several hundred cooks active in the kitchen at a given time.

during large events the culinary team counts hundreds of cooks

With the ‘Heart-warming Amsterdam’ concept for its kitchens, RAI Amsterdam made a deliberate choice to work with regional products and remove vulnerable ingredients from its range. Where possible, the products have an added value for the region or society in general. Care farms for outings or education, small local farms, urban greenhouses and dairy farms in the region are seen both as suppliers and an important source of inspiration. This supports local producers, while offering the possibility to enjoy rare products grown in the region and dependent on the season.

Heart-warming Amsterdam


In the spring of 2016, the Basement Chefs received a phone call from their local partner Stadskwekerij Osdorp (which employs principally young people with addiction problems and occupational disabilities)  asking if they were interested in a batch of Rooie Sien tomatoes. The insolvency of the department store chain V&D had left over large quantities of fresh ingredients intended for its La Place catering arm. The chefs instantly saw an opportunity and together with food guru Walter Abma  developed their own food line of products such as ketchup, basil olive oil and red apple vinegar. These are all made with locally grown products and according to recipes with clear Dutch roots.

Hotel Services

The ability to attract large international events to Amsterdam is strongly dependent on the availability of sufficient hotel rooms at attractive prices set long in advance. The increase in the number of rooms available in recent years to 36,000, along with good cooperation with hotels and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, places RAI Amsterdam in a much better position to meet this requirement from international organisers.

RAI Hotel Services is the largest accommodation intermediary in Amsterdam and the surrounding region, and takes care of hotel reservations as well as additional services, such as car rental, transfers, excursions and booking flights to and from Amsterdam for visitors of (mostly international) events. In 2016, 31,133 reservations were processed, comprising 128,893 overnight stays. In 2015 this number was 166,000. The reduction in 2016 compared to the preceding year is due to the composition of international events.

128,893 overnight stays booked in 2016

RAI Hotel Services only works with hotels that have the ‘I Amsterdam approved’ quality label. This is granted by Amsterdam Marketing to hotels that agree to reserve available rooms at a fixed rate for organisers, visitors and exhibitors during large city-wide events.


I Amsterdam Approved


RAI Amsterdam’s strategy is aimed at the intensive and flexible use of RAI Amsterdam’s 23-hectare premises in order to create as many square metres of lettable space as possible. It offers the following facilities in the Convention Centre:

RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre facilities

RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre facilities
Features Facilities
Total surface 112,200 m2
Congress centres 4
Halls 12 connected halls, option to extend with two semi-permanent halls
Rooms 2 auditoria, 1 large ballroom with 2,000 seats. 69 congress and meeting rooms. Space for 10 to 10,000 people per hall, with a total capacity of 250,000
Foyers en lounges multifunctional spaces for expositions, parties and events
Entrances 9 separate entrances: 1 dedicated entrance for every event
Restaurants and bars 9 restaurants, bars and lounges, from buffet to à la carte
Parking garages capacity of 4,000 places on the RAI premises
Harbour dedicated marina with direct connection to Amsterdam’s canals
Train and metro stations especially the Amsterdam RAI station, immediately adjacent to the Convention Centre

New build projects

The ‘RAI Spatial Future Vision’ report stipulated that RAI Amsterdam could expand at its present location to include the following high-value additions: the RAI Amtrium (opened in June 2015), an extra multifunctional parking garage (opened in August 2016) and the on-site RAI Hotel (opening in mid-2019). RAI Amsterdam’s future vision focuses on sustainable development, the strengthening of its relationship with the adjacent Zuidas business district, the reinforcement of RAI Amsterdam’s international position and optimising the use of the RAI complex.

Multifunctional parking garage

The expansion of the Zuidas business district over the past decade reduced the number of parking places around the RAI complex. In response RAI Amsterdam had a new parking garage built with 1,000 parking places. This sustainable and multifunctional parking garage was (like the Atrium building) designed by Mels Crouwel of Benthem Crouwel Architects. It is situated on the motorway side of the RAI, between Halls 8 and 10. The additional 1,000 parking places have increased the total capacity of the RAI’s own premises to 4,000. This concentration strengthens the position of RAI Amsterdam by increasing customer satisfaction, streamlining circulation and reducing parking in the surrounding areas. The building came into use in August 2016.

multifunctional aboveground parking garage opened with 1,000 parking places

What does multifunctional mean?

The ceiling of the first floor of the building is high enough to double as an exhibition space (extension hall). With a surface area of 2,800 m², this hall enhances the exhibition capacity of the adjacent exhibition halls. Thanks to its height it can also be used as a buffer space for trucks during the setup and breakdown of events. In addition, the ceilings of the other parking decks are 3.60 metres high, which allows for the parking of vans and small lorries. This height will allow the parking building to be used for alternative purposes such as office space in the (very) long-term future. A pavilion can also be placed on the roof to generate more exhibtion space.

RAI Amsterdam has served as a P+R function since January 2014, supporting the city in its aim to optimise traffic flows in and around Amsterdam. In February 2017 RAI Amsterdam welcomed the 100,000th P&R user. In the summer of 2018 the North/South metro line will be taken into use, making the RAI Amsterdam car parks even more attractive. The multifunctional parking building therefore also contributes to sustainability in the city of Amsterdam. The P+R facility is not available on or around dates that RAI Amsterdam is organising or facilitating events.

P+R facilities


The Strandzuid city beach will once again open its doors in the spring of 2017 with a completely refurbished locale. The wooden pavilions are being replaced by a single large complex east of the lake, which will accommodate the restaurant and various spaces for events. A new facility will have been completed on the RAI Harbour where visitors can come throughout the year to enjoy a coffee at the outdoor terrace, a three-course dinner in the restaurant or a meeting in one of the private spaces.

reopening in the spring of 2017, completely refurbished

On-site hotel

RAI Amsterdam has long expressed a desire to build a four-star hotel on its own premises in order to accommodate conference participants and exhibition visitors. The Future Vision report expressed a preference for a location in the triangle between the RAI complex, Europaboulevard and the A10 ring road. This location is extremely favourable due to its proximity to the Amsterdam RAI train station (including a fast connection to Schiphol Airport), the metro stations and the exit/access to the A10. A hotel on this site with 650 rooms and parking facilities for around 200 cars will be a strategic addition to the core activities of RAI Amsterdam. Addressing the demand from the market, in which organisers of events and the main exhibitors, speakers and visitors stay at the same nearby hotel (‘headquarter hotel’), will further strengthen the international position of RAI Amsterdam. Construction officially started at the end of October 2016.

hotel in triangle between RAI complex, Europaboulevard and A10 motorway


RAI Amsterdam’s independently developed high-value, innovative, sustainable and multifunctional new Amtrium building was taken into use in 2015. Mels Crouwel of Benthem Crouwel Architects was responsible for the design of this third-generation venue with exhibition, conference, office and restaurant functions.

Amtrium: new multifunctional building complex

There is a growing demand for locations in which conference options can be flexibly combined with, for example, an exhibition and/or a number of meeting rooms for breakout sessions or product presentations (dynamic combined lettable space concept). The Amtrium meets this demand by offering a fully functional conference centre with a reception lounge, conference halls (including a 520 m² hall, which can be split into two equally sized halls) and breakout rooms on the first floor. The second floor is ideal for uses such as small exhibitions, product presentations, poster sessions, receptions and dinners. The new building also provides a superb entrance and facilities to exhibition halls 4 and 5. Moreover, the building has a company restaurant on the second floor (which can also serve a commercial function during events) and the high-quality restaurant THE ROAST ROOM.

dynamic combined letting

The most sustainable technologies have been applied during the development of the Amtrium. Blinds have been attached to the building’s exterior using special ribs, thermal energy storage has been installed, and solar panels have been fitted on the roof. The most eye-catching element of the Amtrium is its vertical greenhouse for urban farming.

sustainable technologies

The Amtrium is the first conference centre in the Netherlands to fully comply with the most stringent sustainability standard: the 4-star BREEAM-NL New Building Design Certificate (Excellent). This is the highest possible standard of sustainability recognised by the Dutch Green Building Council.

BREEAM-NL (Excellent)


THE ROAST ROOM, a restaurant housed in the Amtrium building, is Amsterdam’s unique meat experience. Surrounded by traditional craftsmanship and open kitchens equipped with Beech ovens and a rugged but classical interior, guests can enjoy the best steaks, burgers, meat cuts and sausages from the restaurant’s own butcher. THE ROAST ROOM consists of THE ROAST BAR, a brasserie-style restaurant on the ground floor, and the ROTISSERIE, a fine-dining restaurant on the first floor. THE ROAST ROOM was named the best meat restaurant in the Netherlands by the Restaurant Awards in February 2016.

Investing in sustainability

A major investment in the cost savings/CSR category initiated in 2014 involved the centralisation of the cooling installations in which absorption cooling using gas was replaced by centrifugal cooling with electricity. This made the cooling process ten times more efficient. While the installation of these cooling systems substantially reduced gas consumption and the CO2 footprint of RAI Amsterdam, it did result in a minimal increase in (green) electricity consumption. The first small cooling system (750 kWh) and a loop pipeline were installed in 2014. Two new larger cooling systems (4.5 MWh each) were installed and an existing electrical cooling (500 kWh) was taken back into use in 2015. All decentralised cooling systems will be removed. Locations that require cooling will be connected to the new distribution cooling network for the entire RAI complex.

cooling installation from gas to electricity

A second major investment involved the centralisation of the emergency power supply. The installations were replaced because the seven existing emergency generators had practically reached the end of their lifespan, and an expansion was needed due to the completion of the Amtrium. A central emergency system was installed, consisting of one large emergency generator linked to a cogeneration system and a smaller generator. This new solution enables RAI Amsterdam to generate power so that critical building functions and RAI Amsterdam’s offices can always continue to work, and even allows small events to have their entire energy requirements met (medium-sized events can be supplied with part of their needs). Furthermore, the emergency power supply returns electricity to the grid during peak periods.

emergency generators replaced: integrated solution with higher capacity

No fewer than 1,632 solar panels fitted on the roof of Hall 8 were taken into use on 23 January 2014. These solar panels have a total installed capacity of 399,840 Watt peak (Wp), which equals around 360,000 kilowatt hours and a CO2 reduction of approximately 150 tonnes. Some 173 solar panels were installed on the Amtrium building in 2015. They have an output of 43,000 kWh a year and represent an annual CO2 reduction of 16 to 24 tonnes. This brought the total number of solar panels on the RAI Convention Centre to 1,805.

green investments

RAI Amsterdam took a major step forward in terms of sustainability at the end of 2015 by expanding its connection to district heating. While the RAI formerly used both gas and waste heat for heating the halls, it has now switched almost entirely to environmentally friendly waste heat from the Nuon power plant in Diemen. The recently revamped district heating terminal has a capacity of 12,000 kW, which makes it Nuon's largest thermal connection in the Netherlands. The expansion of this renewable energy source has resulted in around 1,500 tonnes fewer CO2 emissions compared to the former gas boilers at RAI Amsterdam, or a 50% reduction.
Furthermore, the use of fossil fuels has decreased by 95%.

CO2 emissions halved by connection to district heating

Information and communication technology

High-value ICT facilities are an increasingly important factor in the success of an event and for sound business operations. The rapid growth of virtual applications on and around the exhibition floor, and the need for exhibitors, visitors and RAI staff to be connected 24/7, requires continuous attention. RAI Amsterdam therefore prioritises the renewal and further development of its ICT services and service provision, with an emphasis on three key areas: data, connectivity and indoor navigation.

high-value ICT

RAI Amsterdam connects people. Our organisers, exhibitors, visitors and suppliers all require information while also generating a great deal of data themselves. Proper collection and deployment of this data can create significant added value for all those involved. Accurate information improves know-how, relevance and efficiency. Linking access data, stand visits, agendas, business dating & matching, indoor navigation, registration of interests and other information within a generic structure is a precondition for this. We worked on the technical and commercial aspects of this development in 2016.

opportunities from data analysis

RAI Amsterdam’s ICT is ‘fit for the future’ in terms of both technology and organisation. In 2015, all systems were migrated to a new environment. Important upgrades in the field of office automation were implemented in 2016.

connectivity: ICT fit for the future

A new service currently under development is to offer an indoor navigation tool: an interactive map displaying the fastest route to, for example, a given stand or indoor restaurant. This service offers an extra dimension to the visitor experience at events and will be further perfected and applied in 2017.

indoor navigation

3D LEGO® model of nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel unveiled

NH Hotel Group and RAI Amsterdam presented a 3D LEGO® model of the future nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel during IMEX Frankfurt.


In 2015, RAI Amsterdam streamlined and reformulated its mission, strategy and brand. While the strategy and brand values described below were not changed in the reporting year, the manner of implementation was adapted. The decision was taken to further accelerate innovation, as is explained in the section Personnel and Organisation.


The mission of RAI Amsterdam is as follows: RAI Amsterdam brings people together, connecting and inspiring them by organising and facilitating meaningful encounters. In short, our driving force can be formulated as: 'inspiring people'.

RAI Amsterdam achieves this by developing communities, organising high-quality events and making use of a modern and sustainable conference venue in a prime location.

Inspiring people

Our driving force: 'inspiring people'


RAI Amsterdam’s strategy can be summarised in a single sentence: we increase the value of encounters. To fully represent the breadth of the concept of meeting in all its aspects, RAI Amsterdam has formulated five supporting statements which are explained in the following pages.

increasing the value of meetings

We increase the value of encounters...

...in terms of quality and quantity
RAI Amsterdam does not only focus on the number of visitors and meetings, but also (naturally) on their quality as well. Visitor and customer satisfaction are decisive for the success of our activities and regularly surveyed.

...in the physical and virtual worlds
RAI Amsterdam does not just organise the physical encounters in a conference centre, but also virtual meetings in online communities. Creating a platform which inspires visitors and lets them maintain a dialogue both before and after the exhibition further boosts the value of an event to visitors. Interested parties who cannot take part in an event physically can follow parts on the event website instead.

...at the event location and elsewhere
The contacts in the communities which arise around an event are not limited to the location of the event. Even in faraway corners of the globe, RAI Amsterdam brings people together to share knowledge regarding specific exhibitions and the disciplines in which they operate. These contacts increase the visitors’ networks and their interest for the event.

… in revenues and costs
This dimension has been added to emphasise its structural focus on how things can be approached in a more efficient way and costs can be cut, for our organisers, our exhibitors and ourselves.

… during events and throughout the year
Visitors to an exhibition or conference also increasingly meet each other outside the period in which the event takes place, RAI Amsterdam aims to provide added value for the target groups of its exhibitions throughout the year. The internet portal of each exhibition and the activities organised through it can extend the usefulness of an event in time and can even become a permanent medium for added value.

RAI Roadmap
RAI Roadmap

Brand values

RAI Amsterdam has the following six brand values.

At RAI Amsterdam you will be received personally, professionally and, above all, with a warm welcome. Our doors are always open, whoever you may be and whatever drives you. RAI Amsterdam is for everyone. Whether joining us at our convention centre in Amsterdam or at one of our events elsewhere in the world, or taking part via virtual channels, you will feel welcome at RAI Amsterdam.

RAI Amsterdam appreciates who you are and what you need. Any challenges are dealt with as smoothly as possible. Whether you are an organiser, exhibitor or visitor, we aim to respond to your needs before you even ask. We gladly offer you a complete solution. We think along with you, look ahead and are dedicated to being of service so that you feel supported

RAI Amsterdam is a stage for creativity and innovation. Through our concepts, products and services, RAI Amsterdam ignites new ideas. In a modern and innovative setting, we enhance the experience of your physical or virtual presence. We can push the window of innovation in a significant way because our applications are widely applicable. This ensures that you get ahead.

The quality of our location, concepts, products, facilities, services and people ensures that you encounter all the elements of success at RAI Amsterdam. You can rely on an enterprising organisation that has the experience required to create the ideal conditions for achieving maximum added value for every customer. RAI is ready to make the most of every opportunity, thinks along with you, offers its partnership and actively contributes to your success.

An agreement is an agreement. RAI Amsterdam understands like no other that the quality of an event depends on solid preparation and sticking to agreements. Our goals are ambitious yet realistic. Forecasts and commitments are based on a responsible realisation. We carefully manage expectations and offer you peace of mind.

RAI Amsterdam is embedded in the community, committed to sustainability and takes seriously its responsibility towards people, our city and the world. The passion and emotional involvement of our employees and all the other stakeholders determine our success. We ensure that everyone is heard and feels connected.

Personnel and organisation

RAI Amsterdam is a company for people, by people. We are able to ensure the highest standard of hospitality because of the synergy between the talents and energy of our employees and our company’s objectives. By creating and maintaining an inspiring environment and by providing employees with challenges and responsibility, RAI Amsterdam meticulously realises both its commercial goals and social ambition. RAI Amsterdam deploys a sustainable HR policy designed to improve the well-being, vitality and lifestyle of its staff.

Employee satisfaction

The two-yearly employee satisfaction survey took place in November 2016. By analysing the satisfaction of all its employees, RAI Amsterdam aims to identify major improvement areas and learn more about the effects of its HR policy. At 7.9, the RAI’s general score among staff was already high in 2014. In 2016, it increased even further to 8.2. Opinions about other topics such as 'activities', 'colleagues' and 'management’ were also the same as or better than in 2014. The statement ‘I am satisfied by the way RAI Amsterdam is organised’ received a mark of 5.9 in 2016. This topic was the subject of hard work in the recent past, in terms of both culture and structure, and RAI Amsterdam is seeing its efforts pay off. The amount of work was experienced as positive by 71% of the employees in 2016, compared to 62% in 2014. The response rate was 80%, which was higher than in 2014.

general satisfaction: 8.2; survey in 2016 confirms upward trend

Flexible work, constant quality

In 2016, RAI Amsterdam completed a tender for the acquisition of the flexible workers package for the period 2016-2019, with an option to extend by two years. To optimise cooperation and ensure an even better partnership, the tender specified a smaller group of temporary staff than in the past. RAI Amsterdam strives to have at its disposal a fixed pool of first-class temps. In this context, everything is set up so as to create the highest possible added value for customers & visitors, for RAI Amsterdam and for the employees themselves. A high degree of flexibility is necessary for RAI Amsterdam to be able to adapt its workforce to events, and the quality of the various teams must continuously be at a high level.

tender for flexible workers package successfully finished

Organisational structure

The new Executive Board assumed its responsibilities in early April 2016. After taking the time to get to know the organisation of the RAI and all its stakeholders, and after presenting a sixty-day plan, they began a transformation process in the summer of 2016. For the company to be able to innovate successfully and sufficiently in the long term, it is necessary to adapt its culture; this is being achieved through a change in structure. A number of plenary sessions organised during the culture change process established rules for how the various stakeholders should interact. The management team also started work on improving dialogue among the groups. The structural change process rested upon the following guiding principles:

  • RAI Amsterdam is a company:
    • with a core business that ranges from organising to facilitating;
    • that strives for more synergy, less control and more space;
    • that is organised around three main processes: event, management and innovation. The event teams and processes are leading, and departments are acknowledged as specialists responsible for their own development and innovation. The staff provides support to these main processes.

changes to culture and structure

The sessions led to an adaptation of the RAI’s executive structure, which came into force on 1 April 2017. The CEO and COO oversee a management team consisting of directors/managers from the key fields of Finance, HR, ICT, Legal, Hospitality and Venue (reporting only to the CEO) and Marketing & Digital, Commercial, Clients and Operations (reporting to the COO).

changes at the top

At the end of December the Executive Board submitted a request for advice to the works council regarding changes to the executive structure. The works council responded positively to the proposals in February 2017 and, after a number of new appointments to the management team, a start has been made with developing the new processes and division of tasks.

works council responded positively


RAI Amsterdam promotes the vitality of its employees so that they can all be fit, energetic and healthy at work. With this in mind, the programme ‘RAI Vitaal’ was designed in 2015 to initiate, facilitate and promote vitality campaigns among employees. A variety of possibilities were offered within this framework in 2016, which help employees in the field of health & fitness, work enjoyment & work-life balance, and stress & absenteeism prevention.

initiating, facilitating and promoting vitality campaigns


RAI Amsterdam strives to ensure the diversity of its departments in terms of age, experience, gender and competencies. RAI Amsterdam is convinced that diverse teams also have a positive influence on results. With 51% women and 49% men, RAI Amsterdam has a balanced staff. The objective in the field of gender diversity as described in the Talent to the Top charter has been amply achieved: the share of women in the group directors and executive key personnel is 35%.

diverse teams; target for Talent to the Top charter achieved

Personnel composition

Below are some cross-sections of the composition of personnel at RAI Amsterdam.


At the end of the year

    2016   2015  
Male 185 46% 185 46%  
Female 219 54% 221 54%  
Total 404 100% 406 100%  
Male 182.3 49% 182.7 49%  
Female 188.4 51% 190.9 51%  
Total 370.7 100% 373.6 100%  

Personnel by age

Percentage / FTE (at the end of the year)

Personnel by age
  2016 2015      
BY AGE          
25 and under 2% 3%      
26 to 35 26% 30%      
36 to 45 35% 33%      
46 to 55 25% 22%      
56+ 12% 12%      
Total 100% 100%      

Personnel by discipline

Percentage / FTE (at the end of the year)

Personnel by discipline
  2016 2015      
Commercial 51% 50%      
Operational 36% 40%      
Financial/staff 13% 10%      
Total 100% 100%      

Absence due to illness

Absence due to illness is an important variable for RAI Amsterdam. The figure for the reporting year was 2.9%, representing a decrease from the already low figure of 3.2% in 2015.

further decrease, to 2.9%

Absence due to illness


Absence due to illness
  2016 2015      
Total 2.9% 3.2%      

Social engagement

The HR policy related to social engagement reflects an aim to create more social return for the city of Amsterdam. In the reporting year, RAI Amsterdam cooperated in various important initiatives in the field of creating better opportunities for unemployed youth (work agreement for tackling youth unemployment) and young people with occupational disabilities.

more opportunities for youthful unemployed and young people with occupational disabilities

RAI and young people with occupational disabilities

RAI Amsterdam has been active as a recognised work training company for people with disabilities since October 2015. It is the first exhibition and conference organisation in the Netherlands to give people with disabilities the opportunity to learn and gain work experience within the framework of the Dutch Participation Act. This allows RAI Amsterdam to contribute to the agreement between industry and the Dutch government to create a total of 125,000 extra jobs for people with disabilities by 2026.

To find places for young people with disabilities, RAI Amsterdam has had a close cooperation with the Employee Insurance Administration (UWV), the ROC College in Amsterdam and WSP Groot-Amsterdam since 2015.  The youngsters work three days a week and go to school one day a week to be trained as ‘hospitality and service employees’ based on an internal company training course custom-made for RAI Amsterdam by ROC Amsterdam. The trainees are supported by a job coach, and a work supervisor from the department in which they are active.

RAI Amsterdam aims to use the experiences from this project to provide suitable work opportunities for the target group of the Participation Act on a structural basis in the future.

On 13 January 2016, seven members of the trainee programme received their work contract for a trial placement with RAI Amsterdam. Five of them successfully completed the process and two are now in the temp pool. In October 2016, RAI Amsterdam started with a new class of eleven people, eight of which are still in place.

In 2016, RAI Amsterdam participated in a campaign aimed at encouraging employers to hire more people above fifty years of age. The RAI’s HR manager Mr Broex shared his experiences in a commercial and praised the campaign. RAI Amsterdam has received many positive reactions about this initiative, both for its hiring of people from this target group and for acting as an ambassador with respect to other companies.

hiring workers above fifty and participation in campaign

RAI Amsterdam’s and its employees’ social involvement are also illustrated by the charities they support. Our dedicated Sustainability Report describes the charities and the activities carried out on their behalf.


Safety & security

RAI Amsterdam has a Safety & Security Board which monitors the company’s Health, Safety & Security policy. The policy details the safety measures and facilities which support the continuity of business activities while maintaining hospitality, and representing the interests of RAI Amsterdam, staff, clients, suppliers and visitors in the broadest possible sense.

safety & security board

The Executive Board commissioned a specialised agency to carry out an audit of external digital access possibilities. The results of the audit prompted an awareness campaign to improve access safety, including password use.

cyber security awareness

Top Employer

RAI Amsterdam was declared a Top Employer in February 2015 and again received the certification for the relevant year in February 2016 and 2017. This was preceded by an extensive assessment of the company’s HR policy. Special attention was given to the extent to which HR policy is respected in practice.

Top Employer since 2015; certification received again for 2017

RAI Amsterdam has been objectively assessed and certified as a ‘Top Employer’. In concrete terms, this means that current and future employees can expect plenty of room for personal and professional development within the company. It also shows that RAI Amsterdam offers a quality environment and company culture where people can enjoy their work and be effective at both a professional and personal level.

certification for good working environment and corporate culture confirmed

‘Virtual’ competence

To train its employees, the RAI set up a ‘virtual campus’ in 2016 with a focus on knowledge in the fields of connectivity, hardware, internet, productivity and cooperation. A baseline measurement in the form of a scan for skills defined the training courses offered to each employee. At the turn of the year 2016-2017, all employees received a certificate with their final level. This represented an important step in the development of ‘virtual’ competence both for the personnel and for the RAI as an employer.

improving knowledge of connectivity, hardware, internet, productivity and cooperation

Cooperation with the RAI works council

There was frequent and constructive dialogue between the works council and management during 2016. Subjects discussed included the financial results, construction developments, the employee satisfaction survey, consent requests and working conditions. In addition to these formal consultations, the dialogue continued in a number of subcommittees, such as the HRM Committee, the Financial Committee, the Working Conditions Committee, the Terms of Employment Committee, the Pensions Committee and the Temps Committee. A sounding board group set up by the works council for both permanent employees and temporary staff also discussed a wide range of topics. Other important subjects of discussion in 2016 were the cooperation agreement with temp suppliers, the culture and structure change process started during the second half of the year, and the pensions of RAI personnel. RAI Amsterdam signed a five-year pension implementation agreement with Delta Lloyd in 2013 on an average-pay scheme. Given that the agreement ends in late 2017, the reporting year saw several conversations take place regarding awareness of pension accrual among employees and possible choices for the future.

frequent and constructive dialogue

New clothing range

The young Dutch designer Liselore Frowijn has designed RAI Amsterdam’s new clothing range. Frowijn was recommended to the RAI by designer Frans Molenaar, making this the last collection he ever supervised. The employees received new outfits which exude the same allure as the company: hospitality, professionalism and constant readiness to help and receive guests from all over the world. The clothing range was presented in April 2016 during a fashion show in the RAI Amtrium.

designer clothing for RAI personnel by Liselore Frowijn

Employees on screen

Six short videos were produced to demonstrate the multifaceted nature of work at RAI Amsterdam. These can be viewed on the RAI YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/amsterdamrai or by choosing the video directly:


Shareholder equity and loan capital

In 2016, the Municipality of Amsterdam decided to start selling its partial interest in RAI Amsterdam.

Because the results in the 2013 to 2016 period were considerably higher than indicated by the policy outline memorandum 2013-2018, RAI Amsterdam established a one-off interim dividend over 2015 in the reporting year, amounting to €1.6 million.

RAI Amsterdam established the dividend to be paid over 2016 in accordance with the dividend policy 2013-2018, and it amounted to €2.284 million.

During the reporting year, the financing scheme was expanded with a facility of US$ 6 million. In 2016, financing took place within the scheme as established with Deutsche Bank and Rabobank Amsterdam in 2013.

Partial interest of Municipality of Amsterdam

In 2016 the Municipality of Amsterdam, which owns 25% of the shares in RAI Amsterdam, decided to start selling its partial interest to a third party under specific conditions. These conditions aim to guarantee the continuity of RAI Amsterdam and the cooperation between the Municipality of Amsterdam and the RAI with regard to the acquisition of international conferences, accessibility and the organisation of events. RAI Amsterdam makes an important contribution to the city and region, and it is in the public interest to safeguard this contribution during and after the selling process. The Municipality of Amsterdam has been a shareholder in RAI Amsterdam for over 60 years, originally based on an economic background. To underline the relevance of the RAI, research in 2015 showed that the presence of RAI Amsterdam provides a footprint of 7,000 fulltime jobs in the region.

Municipality of Amsterdam decides to start selling its 25% share

Realising stakeholder goals

RAI Amsterdam combines its financial and social objectives and attempts to unite the interests of stakeholders with the aims of the company itself for long term continuity. The starting point for the formulation of the business model is therefore to create a proper, long-term balance between pros and cons for all parties, in which on balance the RAI offers added value for everyone. RAI Amsterdam therefore applies the following two goals:

1. Creating shareholder value by maximising a durable financial result, in combination with reaching the financial result in the short term and in conformity with the annual budget, with an EBITDA greater than 15% and a minimum net result of €3 million.

value for stakeholders

2. Creating as much economic spin-off as possible for the city and region from which RAI Amsterdam receives its ‘licence to operate’.

value for society

If the (projected) net annual results are below €3 million, realising the shareholder value takes precedence. In all other cases the goal is to create a balance between the two starting points.


Dividend policy

A new dividend policy for the years 2013-2018 was established in early 2014. RAI Holding B.V. will pay its shareholders a fixed dividend of €2.24 million a year (price level 2014; annual revaluation will be based on the consumer price index determined by Statistics Netherlands).

€2.24 million per year to be indexed

According to this policy, dividends paid out in a single year will never exceed the net result in that year. If a dividend cannot be paid out in accordance with the policy formulated above due to an insufficient net result, the shortfall will be added to next year’s dividend inasmuch as the net result in that year allows for it. The cumulative dividend owed over previous accounting years will never exceed the (indexed) fixed dividend of the latest accounting year for which a dividend should have been paid.

maximisation, carry-forward

If the net result differs structurally and considerably from the basic scenario determined in the policy outline memorandum 2013 -2018, the Executive Board will initiate discussions with the shareholders to review whether the dividend policy should be revised.

consultation if result differs considerably

Before a decision regarding dividend payments in a given year is made, a dividend payment test will be carried out in accordance with the law by the Executive Board and Supervisory Board of RAI Holding B.V. If this test has a negative result, only partial or no dividend payments will be made in the given year, after which the carry-forward will come into force.

compulsory dividend test can lead to reduction of dividend payments

Interim dividend

As the operating results from 2013 to 2015 were higher than expected in the policy outline memorandum, a decision was made in 2016 to pay a one-time interim dividend for the year 2015 to the amount of €1.6 million, to be disbursed in two equal instalments no later than September 2016 and 2017, respectively. While the dividend decision was being made, both shareholders confirmed that the arrangements made in the dividend policy would apply for the years 2016-2018, and any future structural deviation from the scope indicated in the policy outline memorandum for 2013-2018 would be ascertained based exclusively on results from the year 2016 and later.

one-time interim dividend of €1.6 million for 2015

Financing scheme

RAI Amsterdam entered a club deal for financing with Deutsche Bank and Rabobank Amsterdam in 2013. The banks participated on equal terms in the new financing scheme; the new bank financing is founded on two identical credit agreements with these banks, with the exact same rates, covenants and standard conditions. The ratio between the two banks is decided by means of an intercreditor agreement.

equal club deal, ratio determined via intercreditor agreement

A long-term loan agreement for €26 million has been made with each bank, along with an agreement for a current account facility of €15 million (each). In 2016 this was complemented with an additional credit facility of US$3.35 million in connection with the acquisition of a stake in IBEX (International Boatbuilders Exhibition and Conference). The overview below shows the features of the facilities.

three facilities: long-term loan and current account credits

Financing scheme

Financing scheme
Facility A (€) Facility B (€) Facility C (US$)
• long-term loan
• principal amount decreased to €52 million
• end in 2020
• repayment:
- 2016/2017: none
- from 2018: €4 million per year
• rate: 3M Euribor +1.70% surcharge
• current account credit of €30 million
• end in 2020
• increase 2017 + €2.5 million
• reduction 2018 - €2.5 million
• rate: 1M Euribor +1.00% surcharge
• facility fee: 0.25% per year
• current account credit of €6.7 million
• rate: 1M Libor +1.30% surcharge
• facility fee 0.25% over unused portion

An interest swap agreement was concluded with the Rabobank and Deutsche Bank in late 2013. Based on this, RAI Amsterdam pays interest of 1.54% over Facility A, with a surcharge of 1.70%. On balance, this means that RAI Amsterdam is financed at a fixed interest of 3.24% up until and including 2020.

interest swap: interest fixed at 3.24%

Financial covenants and conditions

The following table provides an overview of the financial covenants. The second table shows the conditions and securities linked to the financing.

Finance arrangement

Finance arrangement
Convenant 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
senior Next Debt/ EBITDA <4,5 <4,5 <4,0 <3,5 <3,0
solvency >30% >30% >30% >30% >30%
EBITDA € 1 million* >17,5 >17,5 >17,5 >17,5 >17,5

*Reviewed annually. Reference date 31 December


Financing conditions

Conditions and securities

Financing conditions
Conditions Securities
• No expansion of loan capital
• Change of Ownership
• Biennial reassessment of RAI buildings
• Max. Capex 12 million per year (excl. new construction)
• Max. dividend up to net profit in financial year
• Max. on intercompany loans against minority participations
• Insight over top 10 events/occupancy rate
• Mortgage on existing and new real estate

Credit agreement for solar panels

In 2014 RAI Amsterdam concluded a credit agreement with the Amsterdam Investment Fund of the Municipality of Amsterdam for the financing of solar panels. The credit agreement consists of a loan of €0.1 million for the period until 5 March 2029. The loan will be repaid at the latest by 5 March 2029 and the interest rate is 0%.

credit agreement for solar panels with Amsterdam investment fund

In 2014 RAI Amsterdam also concluded a credit agreement with the Triodos Bank for the financing of solar panels. It consists of a loan of €0.29 million for the period until 1 January 2034. The loan is being repaid in 79 quarterly terms, starting 1 July 2015. The interest rate is 3.5% on an annual basis for the period until 17 January 2026.

credit agreement for solar panels with Triodos Bank


The economy is picking up. International professional exhibitions and conferences are clearly growing. The revitalisation and development of national consumer events remains a challenge, although a positive trend has emerged here too in 2016. On balance, the future outlook for RAI Amsterdam is improving, and the expectations for 2017 are moderately positive. The RAI has a full portfolio of events, even though it still struggles to make up for the added value lost with the recent cancellations of AutoRAI and BedrijfsautoRAI. This is why the development of new events is a priority. RAI Amsterdam has a modern convention complex that is highly accessible from the city centre and the airport – and will be even more so once the North/South line of the Amsterdam metro opens in mid-2018. The RAI also benefits from its dedicated team of motivated employees, who are called upon to maintain their hospitality work at the same high level while also focusing on innovation.

Order portfolio

The turnover forecast based on incoming orders gives an indication of what can be expected from RAI Amsterdam’s commercial performance. A forecast of direct and indirect turnover based on contracted options and reservations predicts stability over the coming five years, especially thanks to the growth of international events. The incoming orders are shown in the adjacent figure.

positive expectations for the coming five years


2017 is expected to be a busy year, with RAI Amsterdam facilitating a wide range of exhibitions and conferences for external organisers. The RAI will also put on 22 events of its own, ten of which in Amsterdam, as shown in the overview below.


wide range of exhibitions and conferences

Own events in 2017

Own events in 2017
In Amsterdam Abroad
Horecava ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America
Huishoudbeurs ISSA/INTERCLEAN Latin America
FunSport Experience Intertraffic Istanbul
Aquatech Intertraffic China
FloodEx Intertraffic Mexico
MobiliteitsRAI Aquatech China
Amsterdam Security Aquatech Mexico
ReMaTec FlowTech China
The METSTRADE Show, including the SuperYacht Pavilion (SYP) and Marina & Yard Pavilion (MYP)  WaterEx Beijing
  GD Water China

National exhibitions

For the national exhibitions (both trade and consumer shows), RAI Amsterdam expects a stabilisation and, for certain titles, modest growth in turnover and visitor numbers. The lean years of the recession seem to be a thing of the past for the sectors serviced by the RAI. This picture is confirmed by key benchmarks such as Horecava, vt wonen&design beurs and Masters of LXRY.

recovery expected to continue

International exhibitions

While the national events are recovering thanks to the improving economic outlook, it seems clear that international shows will continue to grow as they have in the recent past. RAI Amsterdam is benefitting from the strength of its own exhibitions as well as major events by other organisers such as the IBC (International Broadcasting Convention), ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) and PLMA's World of Private Label. The growth of the RAI’s own spin-off titles abroad will also have a positive effect on the bottom line. The IBEX Show, the maritime exhibition in which RAI Amsterdam acquired a share in 2016 via participation in the parent company, will take place in 2017. ISSA/INTERCLEAN in Istanbul, which was originally planned for September 2016 and was postponed due to concerns among exhibitors and visitors regarding unrest in Turkey, will instead be held in October 2017. Just like in 2016, the acquisition of new events will stay high on the RAI’s agenda.

growth in number and size

New events by third parties in 2017

A range of new events by third party organisers are planned for 2017. The RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre will host the following events, among others:

new events by external organisers

New events 2017

by external organisers

New events 2017
International Conference on Magnet Technology 2017
15th European Congress of Psychology 2017
European Wound Management Association Congress EWMA 2017
European Academy of Neurology Congress 2017
WindEurope 2017 Conference & Exhibition
29th European Congress of Pathology
The International Liver Congress 2017
Microsoft Tech Summit
SAP Insider 2017
Salesforce Worldtour Amsterdam FY 18
HR Tech World Congress 2017
International Rental Exhibition 2017
33rd European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
Meteorological Technology World Expo 2017
Carwash Show Europe 2017
PRSE – Plastics Recycling Show Europe 2017
Apex 2017
TOC Europe 2017
Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo / Marine Maintenance World Expo
Intermodal 2017
Passenger Terminal Expo 2017
European Utility Week 2017
SKILLS The Finals
VidCon Europe 2017
Congres Nederlands Huisartsengenootschap 2017
Comic Con Amsterdam 2017

Real estate developments

Strandzuid will reopen in the spring of 2017. The familiar ambiance of the lounge, café, bar and restaurant will return in an exciting new concept, with a cosy atmosphere again being experienced in RAI Harbour both during events and on other days.

Strandzuid reopens in the spring of 2017

The nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel will become more tangible in 2017. The foundation work will be completed and construction of the floors will begin, making the landmark – which will eventually have a record height – clearly visible from afar for the first time.

nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel takes shape

RAI Amsterdam will continue to work on its master plan for 2030. The functional aspects of the Convention Centre will be reassessed based on a market analysis which has already been initiated. RAI Amsterdam will also take into account the wishes of its most important customers in its future vision for further development of the venue.

customer wishes as input for future vision and master plan for 2030

Insofar as is known, the North/South metro line – the new metro line that will connect RAI Amsterdam to the heart of the city and Central Station – will be opened in mid-2018. It will bring visitors to and from the city centre and Central Station in under ten minutes. Although Amsterdam is relatively compact compared to other European cities, this exceptionally short travel time will contribute further to the attractiveness of the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre, including for shorter international events.

convenient location of convention centre further reinforced by new metro line


RAI Amsterdam expects to invest nine million euros in 2017. It is presumed that none of this will have to come from outside financing. The interest is fixed by means of swap contracts.


RAI Amsterdam’s strategy will be updated in 2017. While its fundamentals will remain the same, the priorities will change. Strengthening and accelerating innovation and developing new events will become more  important and the RAI expects to make progress in fields such as ICT & Big data, wayfinding and connectivity.

focus on innovation

Culture and organisation

The size of the workforce is expected to remain more or less unchanged in 2017. The projects started in 2016 for further improvement of the corporate culture and organisational structure will continue. While the initiative belonged largely to the management in 2016, early 2017 saw various departments and groups begin to evaluate and improve company-wide processes from a new perspective. This is an integral new way to look at the goal pursued by RAI Amsterdam for more than a hundred years: inspiring our visitors and customers.

new perspective, same goal: inspiring people

In conclusion

The Executive Board would like to thank all stakeholders for their efforts and commitment. We extend our special gratitude to the employees, whose hospitality and professionalism have been essential for our mission to facilitate successful encounters and largely made last year’s successes possible. The Executive Board is also pleased to see the very high levels of satisfaction in the employee survey – and the pride our people have in their work is clearly reflected in the organisational structure, bottom line and customer satisfaction. As a new executive team, we feel inspired to ensure continued success in the coming years and are confident that RAI Amsterdam has a bright future ahead.


Amsterdam, 16 March 2017

Executive Board of RAI Holding B.V.

Paul Riemens, CEO
Maurits van der Sluis, COO

inspiration and trust